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Rules & Regulations

Pavilion: Receiving exhibits from 2-7pm Friday and 8-9am Saturday.

Judging commences 9.45am. Hall opens to public 1pm to 4pm.

The public will be excluded from Pavilion, and doors locked at 4pm to allow exhibitors to take away exhibits, from 4.15pm to 4.30pm

  1. All stock exhibited must be bona fide property of the exhibitor or exhibitor’s principal for not less than one month prior to the Show.

  2. All equestrian entries to be made in writing or online and should be lodged with the Secretary before 10pm on Friday 12th February 2021. Pavilion exhibits may be entered from 2-7pm Friday before Show Day & 8-9am on Show Day.

  3. Persons in charge of exhibits must produce their entry tickets to the gatekeeper.

  4. Gates will be open to the public at 9am.     

  5. All sheep, produce, etc for competition must be placed in the yard before 9am.  No exhibit will be admitted after that hour without a special order from the Secretary.  All horses must be haltered and led.  

  6. No article can be removed from the Show yard before 3.30pm on the day of the Show without special leave of the Secretary, under a fine of $4.

  7. Pavilion: Receiving exhibits from 2-7pm Friday and 8-9am Saturday.
                       Judging commences 9.45am. Hall opens to public 1pm to 4pm.
                      The public will be excluded from Pavilion, and doors locked at 4pm to allow exhibitors to take away exhibits, from 4.15pm to 4.30pm   

  8. No person to make any drawing of Stock or Machinery without the consent of the owner, obtained through the Secretary

  9. Any prize awarded shall lapse if not applied for within three months from date of award.

  10. No animal or any flock with regard to which there may be a suspicion of disease will be knowingly received at the yard, and owners will, if necessary, be required to make a declaration as to whether their flocks have been diseased, within 60 days prior to the date of the Show.

  11. Points to count: First 5 points; second 3 points; third 1 point. For equestrain jumping classes, points will be awarded: First 12 points; second 8 points; third 4 points.  In the event of a tie for any cup, the winner of the greatest number of first prizes takes precedence. 

  12. There are no points awarded for Special classes.

  13. The use of tranquillisers, stimulants, or any drugs capable of affecting the performance of horses and ponies is forbidden. Competitors are advised that tests for forbidden substances may be carried out during the Show and that testing of all animals is at the owner’s risk.

  14. All protests must be made in writing, with a deposit of $10, and left with the Secretary within two hours of the prize tickets being affixed to the exhibits, and the Committee, whose decision shall be final, will decide on same as soon as practicable.  The deposit will be forfeited if the protest be not sustained.
                   There shall be no limitation of time for objection in a case of fraud or misrepresentation.

  15. Any animal showing signs of maltreatment, by doctoring or otherwise, in order to gain a prize, will be disqualified.

  16. List of Special Prizes and Trophies will be listed in catalogue

  17. The committee will not, under any circumstances, hold itself responsible for loss, damage or misdelivery of stock, implements or other articles exhibited or taken on to the Show Grounds.

  18. The committee reserves the right to allot Specials in lieu of prize money mentioned in this Programme.

  19. Any exhibitor or any person in any way interfering with or using improper language to the Judges or any officer of the Society in or as to the execution of their duty, or being guilty of improper conduct on the Show Grounds, may be disqualified from exhibiting at future shows of the Society, and if an exhibitor, shall be liable to forfeit all prizes he may have won.

  20. Should any person or firm deliberately infringe any of the Rules or Regulations of the Society, or refuse to comply with the request of the Committee, it shall have power to suspend such person or firm from exhibiting at the Annual Show during such term as it may think fit.

  21. All persons admitted to the Show Grounds shall be subject to the Rules and Orders of the Committee and in the event of misbehaviour on the part of any person attending the Show, such person may be removed from the Showground by the Committee or any three members thereof.

  22. All entries must comply with the Rules and Regulations.

  23.  Exhibitors are specially requested to forward their entries as early as possible, and thus facilitate the preparation of the Show catalogue, and to state in legible figures the Class in which each exhibit is to be placed.  No entry fees will be refunded upon withdrawal of entries unless written application, giving satisfactory reasons for such withdrawals, is received by the Secretary not later than 24 hours before the Show.

  24. With reference to entries in classes of this Show, local shall be defined as exhibitors or competitors who reside in Dunrobin, Raes Junction, Gorge Creek and Teviot Area for a minimum of 60 days prior to show date.  Riders may only compete at one show as a local.

  25. Cups, unless won outright are held at the Show Grounds.

  26.  In all events Competitors compete at their own risk.

  27.  Catalogues will be printed and available on Show Day

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