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Hunters    Katrina Lau-Guild

Park Hacks    Jeannie Cook

Hacks & Riding Horses    Maxine Mulligan

Section A ponies     Val McGregor

Section B & C ponies     John Fleet

Saddle Hunter ponies    Diana Rickerby

First Ridden & Lead Rein    Janice Mitchell

Utility    Christine Stevenson

Round the Ring jumping    Alastair Henry

FEI jumping    Jenny Dunbier

Course builder    Malcolm McCall / Dinah Wales

Sheep & Fleece

Sheep    Bill Stewart

Fleece Wool    TBC

Gift Lamb    TBC


Vegetables & Fruit    TBC

Preserves    TBC

Baking    TBC

Homecrafts &  Junior Handcrafts   TBC

Photography    TBC

Floral    TBC 

Children’s Art    TBC

Pet Parade    VetLife

Trade Displays    Life Members 

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