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Hunters    John Fleet

Park Hacks    Pam O'Boyle

Hacks & Riding Horses    Sue Allan

Section A ponies     Val McGregor

Section B & C ponies     John Fleet

Saddle Hunter ponies    Mark Isaacs

First Ridden & Lead Rein    Christine Barring

Utility    Glynne Smith

Round the Ring jumping    Glynne Smith

FEI jumping    Jenny Dunbier

Sheep & Fleece

Sheep    Fraser Fletcher

Fleece Wool    Kevin Waldron

Gift Lamb    Ken McConnel


Vegetables & Fruit    Curtis Crawford

Preserves    Ruth Davidson

Baking    Carly Bennetts-McDowell

Homecrafts & Junior Handcrafts    Raewyn Baguley

Photography    Dee Perkins

Floral    Tracey Pringle & Trudy Mckinnel 

Junior Handcrafts    Raewyn Baguley

Children’s Art    Sheena Larson

Pet Parade    VetLife

Trade Displays    Tim Cadogan