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Equestrian and Livestock

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Secretary’s Plate  most points in Show

Bain-Elliot Memorial Cup  most points in Hack Section

Isobel MacPhail Memorial Cup  most points in Hunter Section

M.Reid Trophy  most points Park Hack

T.A. Michelle Cup  most points in Pony classes

Speden Family Trophy  most points in First Ridden

Speden Family Trophy  most points in Leading Rein

Tracy Bonham Trophy  most points by a Local Horse or Pony 


Mr D.M. Purser Cup  Champion Farmer’s Selected Fleece (Local)

Wattlebank Stud Trophy   for Gift Lamb

Hill McNeish McQueen Trophy  Champion Commercial Sheep

Alliance Group Trophy  Champion All Breed Sheep

W.D.F.F. Ettrick Cup   most points in Preserves

W.D.F.F. Millers Flat Cup   most points in Baking Section

T.A. Michelle Cup   most points in Homecraft

Mt Benger A & P Cup   most points in Vegetables & Produce

Mt Benger A & P Cup   most points in Floral Art Section

David Bain Memorial Trophy   Winner Agrisports competition

Trophies and Cups                                    
2019 Holders

Kia Wales

Ann Macdonald - Sands of Time

Jack Cormack - Baton Conquest

Isaacs/Deans - Almost Illegal

Molly Hansen - Copper

Olivia McDonald - Deep South Cuddie

Amelia O'Boyle - Sherwyn Caden

Jessamy Wales - Kuriheka Denlesh 


Greg Paterson

Owen Perkins

Jeremy Wales

Hills Teviot

Noela Irwin

Noela Irwin

Alice Moore

Kia Wales

Kirsten May & Curtis Crawford


James Hill & Cameron McNeish

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