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President's Message 2020

2019 had been a mixed bag for the Teviot Valley, and surrounding areas, not just in the agricultural and horticultural sectors, but for the community as a whole.

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the passing of Ralph Nichol, one our Life members, and Dawn Bain, a long-time volunteer in the Pavilion. Ralph was a member for the past 30 years, and for twenty of these he dedicated his time to the enormous task of organising the trade section layout. I would describe Ralph as


the eye of the storm.  Nothing was ever a problem, everything could always be worked out.  Dawn could always be found helping out in the Pavilion, and was treasured for her calm and easy demeanour. Both will be sorely missed. 


The weather has tested many this past year. Snow, wind, rain, sun - we’ve had it all, mostly at the wrong time, some not enough, some too much. 


With mental health being a hot subject lately, just take the time to check in with your neighbour. There's not much that can't be talked out over a hot cuppa, or a cold brew. With movements like Ag Proud Trust and Elle Perriam’s Will To Live, there's many avenues to get, or give, support. Our valley is a strong community, with a true get up and do attitude - know that you have that support behind you at all times. 


The Valley has also seen a number of achievements over the past 12 months. 


We are lucky to have on display in the wool room Greg Paterson’s fleece that won the Corriedale section at the Canterbury A&P show! This fleece came from the same sheep whose previous fleece scored 100 out of 100 at Mt Benger A&P 2018, won first place in halfbred Corriedale section and Supreme Champion. It then went on to Golden Fleece & won the Corriedale section with a score of 98. The next year’s fleece 2019 also won Supreme Champion at Mt Benger. That's one hell of a sheep you have there Mr Paterson! 


The mural on the Commercial Accomodation Building has truly brought some colour to the main street. Roxburgh can now not only boast some flash public toilets, but also a Flox original mural! Well done to Brigitte Paterson, the driving force behind this, and a number of other community projects and events. Brigitte is also a Kiwi Bank Local Hero recipient, alongside  Alex Gordon. Congratulations to you both, much deserved awards!


There has been a number of new business open in the valley, showing growth and boosting the local economy. 


We have many things to be proud of in this special valley. Though I myself have moved away, and now reside in Dunedin - this being my last show - I will always have fond memories and strong friendships, and the Teviot Valley will forever hold a special place in my heart. 


I'd like to thank our Platinum Sponsor,  Mainland Minerals. Your continued support is greatly appreciated, along with all our other sponsors and trades exhibitors. Without you all we would not be able to continue our show year after year. 


And last, definitely not least, to the A&P committee and volunteers - THANK YOU for yet another stunning Show.

Holly Pemberton

Office Bearers

President   James Hill

Vice President   Rob Craig

Treasurer   Sue Beel  

Secretary   Leanne Kats

Section Marshalls

Ground Marshall   Richard Michelle  

Equestrian    Dinah Wales, Devon Wales, Sally Taylor

Gift Lambs    Alan Turner, Jeremy Wales

Pavilion   Becky McKee, Alan Turner

Sheep  Cameron McNeish, Rob McQueen  

Wool   Roger Skevington, Karen Edwards, Alan Frame

Trade Exhibits   Andrew Nichol

Bar & Ringside Lounge   Mark Reid, Kate Hazlett

Sponsorship   Dinah Wales

Entertainment   Emma McNeish

 Honorary Life Members

Bill Bain, Mervyn Kinaston, Jo Wales, Ken Bain, 

Lyn Owens & Sue Beel

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